Top New Tools for Braces

Braces are great, your new smile will look amazing! But caring for braces can feel complicated! How do you keep your teeth healthy and your braces clean with all those wires and brackets? Having the right tools can make it a lot easier! Here are the top new tools for braces to help you keep yours in top shape.

1. Floss Picks

Floss picks may be small, but they are mighty tools for helping to keep your teeth and braces clean. These little flossing tools are listed as one of our top new tools for braces because of how useful and helpful they can be. While regular floss needs to be threaded under the wires of your braces, floss picks that are specially designed for braces can slide right under the wire, making flossing between your teeth much easier and more simple!

2. Superfloss

Superfloss is another great tool. Packaged individually as pre-cut strands of floss, superfloss comes with a stiff section of floss built in at the end of it, so there’s no need to deal with an extra threader. Some types of superfloss also come with a thicker section of gentle floss to assist in areas where there are larger gaps between your teeth or your gums may be feeling extra tender from all the amazing work your braces are doing.

3. Electric Toothbrushes

One of the most popular top new tools for braces, electric toothbrushes can be helpful for braces wearers because they’ve been shown to remove up to 21 percent more plaque than manual toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes can also encourage the user to build better brushing habits through features like built-in timers and connected smartphone apps.

4. Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps are easily the most exciting top new tools for braces on our list. Smartphone brushing apps are helpful, not only because they provide real-time interactive tools and feedback to help you build and maintain good habits and technique, but they can also be fun! Many are designed with games and other features to help cure your daily dental care routine of boredom forever.

5. Pressurized Water Flosser

Waterpik flossers use pressurized water, like the tool a dental hygienist uses during a professional dental cleaning, to help clean the many difficult-to-reach areas that braces can create. Talk with your orthodontist about how a waterpik flosser can be used to take your braces home care routine to the next level.

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