General Dentistry

When you come in for your initial visit with Dr. Hart, he will discuss your medical and dental history, any concerns you might have, and your goals as far as treatment and potential aesthetic work. The initial interview will be followed by a thorough examination after which he will arrive at a treatment plan, tailored to your specific needs and concerns. When you come into our office for regular checkups, our staff can spot any potential problems and we can deal with them before they develop into major issues. Bi-annual cleanings will also help in preventing a costly procedure in the future.

Digital X-rays

Most patients find that the digital x-ray sensor is more comfortable than traditional film. It also lowers the amount of time you will be spending in our office, as you won’t be waiting for x-rays to develop in the dark room anymore. We take every effort to minimize the amount of exposure to our patients with the use of lead thyroid and full body barriers. We also welcome you to bring in x-rays from your previous office so that we can avoid taking additional x-rays. X-rays are a necessary and vital diagnostic tool in maintaining a healthy mouth and we strive to take x-rays of your teeth only when absolutely necessary.

Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers help Dr. Hart treat conditions in the mouth using light energy. The laser is very selective, penetrating to a specific depth in the particular kind of tissue we want to treat. The tissue absorbs the laser light, which agitates the molecules of the tissue, causing the tissue cells to gently break apart. This very precisely treats only the desired area, while leaving healthy gums, bone, and tooth structure untouched.

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