How to Look Your Best in Braces

Getting braces is a huge step and the beginning of monumental change for many children, teens and adults. It’s an exciting time, but it can also feel like a scary time. All of a sudden, your smile looks different! But different doesn’t mean bad. Different can mean incredibly stylish. Your smile is important for spreading joy and making awesome first impressions, so let’s talk about how to look your best in braces during this unique time in your life.

Enjoy Your New Smile

You’re probably anxious to get your braces off and see the finished result of your new smile, but you actually already have a new smile: One with braces! Braces can stand out, and that can be fun and cool. You’ll only have braces for a brief time compared to all the time without them, so make the most of it, enjoy it and show them off! Think of your braces as an accessory to your style, not a distraction from it. The happier and more confident you are in your new braces, the better they’ll look on you because you’ll smile more!

Get Colorful

Many orthodontists let you choose the colors of the bands on your braces each time you visit for an adjustment. This is a wonderful time to get creative and express yourself. Are sports your thing? Choosing the school colors can show your enthusiastic support for the team, especially before a big game or match. Do you have a personal favorite color? One that highlights a favorite feature about yourself such as your eye color? Or if you want to get really creative expressing your individual style, you could ask your dentist about using multiple colors to create a rainbow you can show off every time you smile.

Accessorize to Compliment Your Braces

If you’re looking for even more ways for how to look your best in braces, accessorizing with matching earrings, a necklace, or hair accessories that highlight your braces can be another great way to go. You don’t have to try to conceal your braces or pretend they aren’t there to look and feel your best. Did you know that some patients actually miss their braces once they get them removed? So embrace (pun intended) the unique style of your braces for this short and special time of treatment!

Keep Them Shining Bright!

Last but not least of how to look your best in braces: Keep them clean! Good oral hygiene with braces can be extra difficult and time consuming compared to life before braces, but it’s well worth the effort. So make sure to keep brushing after meals, flossing daily and visiting your dentist regularly for cleanings and exams. The brighter the braces the better, so keep up the hard work and keep showing off that amazing new smile!

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